Welcome To Lilos Space!

I'm just testing stuff out and being silly rn

Update (11/8/2021): My Computer is broken atm, it won't let me log into my windows profile, so I'm gonna take it to a shop or something, I tried looking online, but nothing has worked so far, so digital art has been at a halt recently. I'm typing this hunched overmy spare laptop in my dark room at 11:30 pm, broke as hell, waiting for my next paycheck to come in, but some good news, I got into watercolor recently and it's been fun as hell. this is really fun, just writing my thoughts down, I should start a dedicated blog section once I figure the fuck out of CSS and stuff, anyways peace y'all I hope you had a spooky-dooky-doo halloween.

here is some of my art!


this is the bottom of the page!